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The Green Gardener is a woman-owned small business providing general landscaping services, yard maintenance, and landscape design and plant installation. Owned by horticulturist Maia van Holsteijn, proud graduate of Iowa State University, the Green Gardener is committed to sustainable and maintainable outdoor spaces. From container gardens to complete landscapes, Maia enjoys collaborating with clients to design and plant green solutions that look and stay beautiful throughout the growing season.


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About Maia

Maia is a proud graduate of Iowa State’s Horticulture program, where she was trained both in the classroom and in the lab, and focused on landscape design.
She enjoys both designing and planting, and is a strong believer in practical, sustainable yard maintenance.

Maia considers herself a steward of our planet - she is a compost nerd, uses electric equipment and hand tools only, uses organic fertilizer, and focuses on native plants.


Maia worked diligently for 7 hours cleaning up messy gardens, weeding, dividing day lilies, eliminating rampant perennials and wow....what a difference.
— Gail, Clifton Park



Above all, the Green Gardener is client-centered. Maia believes that all people should enjoy nature and landscaping in a way that suits their budget, preferences, and green space.


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